Jan 5, 2010

Identity Forests

So here's the Etsy Shop banner that I've had since the beginning in 2007. Nothing is the same since then, so why should this dinosaur remain? I slash it down!

The process of replacing it is probably more difficult for me than it should be- but right off the bat I can plug in a few things from my current design habits and templates and apply them here (Looks familiar, right?):

I'm using this now in the King Popcorn shop, and I don't think it's the permanent change- but it's a start. I might opt to really invest some time into hand-sewing something and then scanning it- but I'd prefer it to be a graphic. I like the warmer peachy-ness and the design elements in this banner are actual elements used in my products- but it's not the weighty anchor that the original banner is. And now that I really look at it, I'm wondering if perhaps I don't like this because I am tired of these elements- and if I should make myself a whole new visual lexicon- a much larger, more daunting project that would retire a lot of these tricky vicky things that I make. Not to mention my blog banner. King Popcorn Classic. And if that's the case, then I should just  have a clean typeface with a symbol-y logo- that can be tagged on anything, no matter the style. I get lost so easily.

I love this Quicksand typeface, it's hard to resist using the dashed version...But I really can't be that person, can I?

I might end up doing something stitched-like, but perhaps I'll draw it myself. I had drawn something a few months ago, but looking at it now, it has nothing to do with anything, does it?

Alas, to be continued. But these are the current state of affairs.

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