Jul 21, 2010

A Vaguely Hawaiian Thank You

I've been working hard on the thank you notes for the "Sam and Bob are married!" party, and I've been using this opportunity to develop my drawings of embroidered sentiments. The result is extremely delicate, a bit unkempt, but also very uber-sweet, uber-feminine. Hearty colors hopefully offset the fragility... Now what I want is to print the needle in silver foil, but it's probably not in my budget.

Jul 12, 2010

Deep sigh... Should I get a new camera? I think I can justify getting this for Sam's wedding party in August, it'd be nice to upgrade. I feel like my ancient canon powershot can only do so much.

Jul 9, 2010

Invitation design! I got to draw everything and have fun!

Jul 8, 2010


I was combing through earlier posts and was quite intrigued to come across my 2K10 goal universe that I devised earlier in the year with Michele and then quickly forgot about. While I have not really made King Popcorn the priority I thought I would this year; I see that I have not been entirely avoiding my to-do list either. For instance, I moved! The overall care and health of Popcorn is steady (although he is a bit thinner than I'd like); AND, I am crazy about my boyfriend, who I met this year. Although, clearly when making this list, I meant for boys to be a low priority, as the goals of most importance have been clustered together. "Boys" is like a far off moon, perhaps Pluto? Nevertheless, I'm happy that this moon has been explored this year.
Anyway, even though I'm only just getting back into the swing of King Popcorn things, I haven't not been making anything of late. Like this card, which I will now try to profit from...

Jul 7, 2010

New on Etsy, Cont'd.

Continuing on with the collaboration cards with Michele, I think it'd be nice to do an additional line of cards with this phone, saying all kinds of things. As usual, I think of nasty things to say first. On another note,  this card reminds me of one of my favorite dresses as a 3 year-old, which I can't find a picture of anywhere. It had all of these different phones on it, and from the phones came "Hello!" in different languages...

Jul 6, 2010

New Cards On Etsy

The "Hello" Card! made with Michele, revamped!
The "Keep Your Chin Up" Card made with Michele, revamped!
The Bird Nest Card speaks for itself.

Jul 5, 2010

Homage to Popcorn

King Popcorn's Legacy from Mr. Junior on Vimeo.
Here's a wonderful video my friend Sean made all about Popcorn in Prospect Park, co-starring my redheaded roommates Tim & Tara! I watch it everyday!

Jul 2, 2010

Tracy, Take Me With You

This card is part of a series of collaborations with Michele, and one of my back burner projects is to make duplicate cards for her. But something always comes up, and I end up giving the cards away before I can pass them on to her. Like today. It is my friend Tracy's last day at our office; a very proud, tear-jerking event- as it's been a long awaited goal of her's to move on from this place. When making this card, I thought it was a sentiment that not many people would have a need for; and therefore, not a terribly practical card to make. But I have no doubts of its use now, as I feel that it is the perfect send-off card for work friends moving on with their professional lives from their downtrodden co-workers.

So I guess I should start making another card for Michele to have...

Jul 1, 2010

Sprucing Things Up

Here's a different tone for this illustration with incredibly sappy tendencies. I'm super pleased with the faux-wood cardstock that I splurged on at Paper Presentation, and the soft brown thread works way better than the original prototype that uses black. I enjoy improving!