Jan 7, 2010

Violent Nostalgia

Today I sent off this piece in the mail- somebody bought something! Hurrah! It was actually purchased weeks ago, but  I had to hold onto it because I was sending it directly to the recipient so that they could receive it at the appropriate time.

I first wrote this phrase in an email which I never sent to my friend Alla- who quit her job where we worked together to become a writer (of plays!) I fell in love with her when she described some forgettable thing as "baby heaven"... She had a way of ushering a dozen people to lunch at once. When she saw me, she would wave her arm with her entire body to say a ridiculously loud "HELLO!", especially if I were only 2 inches away. In return, I gave her the most imperceptible of smiles. Some weeks after Alla quit, I was having a lonely time at my desk, much like I am now (but for new, more depressing reasons). I was perched on my work table looking out onto the office. Way at the other end, the length of a basketball court, Ebony was standing in front of the windows- and when she looked in my direction, she waved that wave of ridiculous enthusiasm. Without thinking, I waved back to her with every bit of strength that I could muster; and much to my surprise, my heart broke.

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