Jan 11, 2010

How much sugar is in this?!

I've been working with this same french dot design for a while now- and there's just something about it that always moves me to write the most -too sweet to eat- phrases that make some people coo and others vomit. Like right now, I'm in a pretty vile mood- so this photo has me wincing. But I totally thought of this design and phrase, and I spent a couple hours sewing it- so surely there's a part of me tucked away somewhere that chirps like all the happy birds out there. But I am not one of them now.

  Anyway, I can imagine that when I was singing with the best of them, I was quite pleased with this sentiment and I hope it finds a nice wall somewhere to brighten someone's day. It's funny how I'm personally drawn to cards that have a double-edged tone; but every now and then I'll embrace something that is supposed to be just simply darling. Here's the evidence:

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