Jul 2, 2010

Tracy, Take Me With You

This card is part of a series of collaborations with Michele, and one of my back burner projects is to make duplicate cards for her. But something always comes up, and I end up giving the cards away before I can pass them on to her. Like today. It is my friend Tracy's last day at our office; a very proud, tear-jerking event- as it's been a long awaited goal of her's to move on from this place. When making this card, I thought it was a sentiment that not many people would have a need for; and therefore, not a terribly practical card to make. But I have no doubts of its use now, as I feel that it is the perfect send-off card for work friends moving on with their professional lives from their downtrodden co-workers.

So I guess I should start making another card for Michele to have...

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