Jul 8, 2010


I was combing through earlier posts and was quite intrigued to come across my 2K10 goal universe that I devised earlier in the year with Michele and then quickly forgot about. While I have not really made King Popcorn the priority I thought I would this year; I see that I have not been entirely avoiding my to-do list either. For instance, I moved! The overall care and health of Popcorn is steady (although he is a bit thinner than I'd like); AND, I am crazy about my boyfriend, who I met this year. Although, clearly when making this list, I meant for boys to be a low priority, as the goals of most importance have been clustered together. "Boys" is like a far off moon, perhaps Pluto? Nevertheless, I'm happy that this moon has been explored this year.
Anyway, even though I'm only just getting back into the swing of King Popcorn things, I haven't not been making anything of late. Like this card, which I will now try to profit from...

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