Dec 28, 2009

Too safe?

I have this 2010 goal that I'm pretty set on- to make a surface/pattern design portfolio. One of my preliminary ideas is about safety pins- I think they'd make for nice greeting cards with some perfect word I haven't discovered- or a first aid kit that's designed to the point beyond recollection- or maybe even just plain old packaging for safety pins or a sewing kit. I always work backwards like this. I suppose I should start creating assignments, and then designing patterns for projects rather than creating projects based around outer-space patterns that come to me in my sleep.

But what's more- I'm wondering if the boat has sailed on this look. You know, the craft-papery background with raw, fatty shapes of color paired with delicate accents (printed with real-life white ink). This looks good to me, but perhaps I've seen it too much. I see this taking on a boomerang formica diner tabletop feel- but I need the right scenario for it sit well with me. I'll find it's purpose- I just have to.

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