Dec 24, 2009

There must be an escape

Before, when I was at peace with working on Christmas Eve, I was aimlessly drawing in that luxurious way that I never do anymore. The kind of fantastic sprawl that can only be born in a study hall. I had Dan Savage streaming and I was just lost in bliss- penning out a crazy maze for no good reason. But then a perky Bret came up to me from behind and gave me a startle- informing me that he's leaving this horrible place, at 3 pm. The office is still and empty behind him.

Now I am buzzing with "I must leave!" and I can't think anything else- the sprawling nostalgic mind has given way to the bitter immediacy of what a last period study hall truly felt like. If only we got paid to be in study hall; back in the day- when we didn't pay for much.

Sigh, take the long view.

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